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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My colour-blindness

Here's a video on what it's like to be colour-blind.

My experience and description would be similar. I can see colours, but I see them differently from other people and without the nuances that others have. Two examples :

Red. I see bright red fine, but for me it isn't a bright colour. It's got about the same brightness or force as brown. So that means that in the UK I can't find post-offices or post-boxes, because the colour just doesn't stand out. A friend once asked me what kind of tree that was with all the red berries. I said "which tree? do you mean the rowan?" I couldn't see the berries, but I knew the tree by the leaves. Once I got close enough to see the shape of the berries I could see the colour well enough, but it just didn't stand out against the green.

Nuances. It is not wise to ask me to buy bananas because they go from one degree of yellow to another as they ripen. I can't tell the green of an unripe banana from yellow. I can see green. Grass green. Sage green. Bottle green is brown, of course. But unripe banana green is yellow. That's probably why I like my bananas spotty!

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