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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Un atelier bien vif !

The Apple store runs free workshops, so I signed up last week to look at Keynote (like PowerPoint) and this week for Mac OS.

Well I arrived pretty early so I could protect my apple account after a cunningly disguised phishing attack ALMOST took me in. I wanted to change my password to something more crypt1c and they have free wifi at the Apple store.

Then a lady arrived and set up her computer. Then two guys came up. Then another lady. Then two more. So it was me, the young lad who was teaching the workshop and four ladies of a more or less certain age.

I muttered to him, "Bon courage !"

He was a good sport and I think he quite enjoyed the moments when the ladies behaved like a sack of cats, all talking at the same time and not quite grasping the four-fingered gestures you are supposed to do....

I learnt one or two tips. Jolly Good !

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