Eglise de Bordeaux République

We arrived a bit late so a lady detailed to welcome us found us some seats not too far forward and not too far back.

When we arrived a song was in progress that we knew. The music group comprised an electric drum kit, piano, guitar and two saxophones. We sang three songs, I think, with a time where you sing whatever you want and a time of open prayer.

At 10 it was time for the message. The youth and students pastor is preaching on the mountains and valleys of the promised land, and this week he was on Ebal and Gerizim. I didn't time the message but it was of substantial duration.

The message kind of merged seamlessly into the communion service, but not the way you'd think with Christ redeeming us from the curse by becoming a curse for us - I don't quite remember the link...

As the bread and wine were passed round we sang a song that went 'Faisons monter, monter un parfum de louange'.

There were few announcements so we were out fairly quickly afterwards, thought we had to wait for the loo...


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