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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Coppelia at the Place de la Comédie

On Thursday evening the tram was going to be interrupted between Quinconces and Hotel de Ville because of a showing of Coppelia on the big screen outside the Grand Theatre.

Yesterday I spotted that it had been rescheduled for Friday night because of technical problems. So we decided to go. I was already in the middle of town, Gwilym was working till 7, but the girls came and joined me for an ice-cream at Flunch, then we scuttled slowly through the heat to the theatre.

We found a good spot on the steps and heard lots of different voices round us - English, Spanish, etc... The screen was working. I had noticed earlier in the day that it was displaying various scenes from operas, orchestral works, anything..

The ballet was beautifully danced. A crazy man with a djembe decided to dance along (I was ITCHING to hide his djembe while he wasn't looking), our view was interrupted by a group of four BIG people who greeted each other long and effusively right in our line of sight, (Ben voilà, c'est très chouette, vous êtes très polis, maintenant on DÉGAGE, HEIN?) but they soon went. It gave us the opportunity to discuss the more and less formal ways of asking people to get out of the way...

All in all, a super evening !

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