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Monday, September 05, 2011

Watch out for muesli

I am referring, of course, to the great muesli fraud.

When muesli was first introduced to Britain commercially (I don't mean the first wave of muesli brought in by Lloyd-Jones, I mean the commercialisation) we were told that because muesli is so full of good things - cereals, dried fruit, dried milk, nuts, sugar, salt etc - you only need to eat a tablespoonful for a complete nourishing breakfast.

Ha ! Maybe, but for a satisfying breakfast you need more than a tablespoonful of seeds and a splash of milk. You need bulk.

So we ate more and more museli until in the end we were filling out weetibang bowls with heaps of muesli, and taking in enough calories for a week.

Nowadays, of course, they've changed their tune. The standard dose for cereals is now not by volume. It's by weight. 40g. 40g of museli gives you all you need, together with 5 ml of skimmed milk.

Yes, but how many of you weigh your cereals in the morning ? Exactly. Nobody.

We measure out our cereals by volume and this morning, just for interest, I weighed out 40g of muesli.

It's a tablespoonful.

Banana porage. That's the stuff. You know where you are with porage !

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