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Monday, September 05, 2011

Four Chinese students baptised

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Dean Roberts said...

Where did you get the pool from? We're looking for a more permanent pool for our church!


Alan Davey : said...

In France you can get them in supermarkets. This one cost 99 euros - quite a good deal but then it's end of season. I am sure I've seen similar pools for sale in Asda in the UK, otherwise I bet Argos has them.

Ken said...

When our Son, Jono, was at Uni in Stafford, the Church he attended actually bought a mobile baptistry for the baptism of him and about two others. It's much stronger than a paddling pool, though even then, it sprang a leak when the Anglican church which my wife attends borrowed it for a 'deep water' dunking. In fact, you serve to remind me, I have to go tomorrow to collect and subsequently return the caravan step used to access the pool and the oversized immersion heater used for removing the icicles.

VERY important that second item!