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Alan and Pat live and work in Bordeaux. Alan is a pastor and Pat was a nurse. Now we work with UFM worldwide. Read on! (If you'd like to know what took us to Bordeaux, then start with the archives from September 2004)

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Well you were tired..."

Yesterday began with the great world of Davey High Finance - finding the 6€ (that's FIVE POUNDS) that it costs for a school meal in Catrin's school. Then off to the Apple Store to see about fixing my cracking iPhone. The genius - that's what they're called, you go to the Genius Bar - said, "we could fix it for €200 euros, but you're right, you could just glue it". She then told me all about the wonderful things that happen at the Apple Store. There was a little wide-eyed wonder about it all, but I kept remembering that it's a sect really and you mustn't be drawn in. In fact it all reminds me of the Mormon temple that I visited once in Preston.

We were doing surveys at Victoire at 11:15, so I found myself outside Andy's pad and dropped in to use the loo and to talk about how things are going.

On the tram to Victoire a very vocal man got on telling everyone loudly what time it was and getting it wrong. Two women were trying to find our position on the map on the wall of the tram :

"Pey-Berland, on est à Pey-Berland"

The women searched. The man reflected.

"Hôtel de Ville, c'est Hôtel de Ville"

By now we were at the next stop.

"Et ça c'est l'Hôtel des Prostituées". He used a much stronger word as he waved generously at the Musée d'Aquiitaine. "Vous l'avez vu le soir ? C'est pire que les quais..."

The woman sat opposite me started laughing. I laughed too. "on voit tout dans le tram !" 'Beh oui, et on apprend des choses...'

Surveys went better than on campus, there were more people. We talked with a pleasant Mormon lad and with another who said he was agnostique. Across the way the JWs stood with their rack of magazines. The Assemblies of God coffee bus was parked near them.

Afterwards Simon and I dodged the rain and caught the trams and bus home for lunch and to read together "Servir à nos Français". I opened my eyes. Simon had stopped reading and was watching me. "Did I fall asleep ? Sorry !" 'well you were tired...'

We talked a bit about churches, preaching, sects, stuff, we parted and I quickly sent out the church news mail before scuttling off to pick up Gwilym for his interview for Saint-Genes.

Traffic was heavy. I was a little delayed picking him up. The GPS directed us right through the city centre. Logical, Saint-Genes school is just outside the city centre. Oh dear, we'll never be on time. Someone wanted to overtake us or force us into a bus lane. I wouldn't be bullied. They honked me. We were turning right across a bus lane. They tried to undercut us. I wouldn't let them. They honked again. I honked back. We drew up at the lights. They drew up alongside. I thought, "please not a knife..." but it was a small inoffensive woman who didn't even look.

Hey ! That's the road. Hey! there's a space. Just in time !

The interview went fine. The teachers were nice and chatty. The head was quiet and signed the form.

Home and out for English Class. There's two of my group left Bordeaux. Andrew was busy. I thought James was tied up too (he emailed me in English...) I waited a while at the cafe, then came home, tired but happy, as they say.

Watched some people doing a workout to a DVD. Then bed...

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