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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My life just now ? Photo 26.

And why no 26 ?

Because I like to have a drink.


So you say you still believe as a muslim, but you don't practice and you drink. What does that mean for you ?

Well I suppose I'll go to hell.

Does that bother you ?

Not really, I mean, even if you practice and do everything right you can't be sure of going to paradise - Allah could still say no. One day I'll start being a good Muslim, do the sacrifices, do the prayers, stop drinking. 

You know, Jesus came so we could be sure of going to heaven. He's the real sacrifice. He came and lived a perfect life and then died to take our guilt so we could be reconciled to God.

OK, I understand.

Once you're reconciled to God then your life changes. You can't change your life to be reconciled to God. You are reconciled to God through Jesus, then your life changes. Have you ever read the Bible ? Would you like a Bible ?

No, I have a lot of books I've never read.

What about this gospel of John ?


(A brief account of a conversation on campus between Simon, myself and Mohamed)

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