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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inscription for Lycée Professionnel in Bac Pro Vente/Commerce

So after trying and trying and trying to phone the Lycée to find out about enrolling Gwilym - one afternoon ringing every 1/2 hour with no reply - I gave up and decided just to submit the form that was available on the website in pdf format.

Aha. In pdf format size A3. How can I print half a pdf file on A4 paper ? How can I do booklet format from a pdf file in A3 to A4 paper. I stared. I clicked this option, then that. I tried booklet printing using the printer driver - it came out tiny.

Then I remembered that Acrobat has a select tool that enables you to cut part of a page and use it as an illustration. So I cut the whole page and pasted it into an OpenOffice document. That printed but not very well.

Then I accidentally clicked on print after selecting my area of the page. It printed neatly ! Eureka ! So I printed the other page, too and filled in the form.

We needed all Gwilym's school reports from this year - he's only had one so far, and all from last year - we could only find one. But we also found his Brevet results and some other stuff, so we stapled all that together.

Then we needed a letter of motivation from Gwilym. OK. Did that.

Then passport photos. Aha ! And Gwilym works from 10 to 7 on his work experience. Never mind, we shot into Carrefour in the middle of town just after opening and then I zoomed off to the school, begged some scissors from the receptionist, stapled the photos to the form and submitted it.

PHEW ! Now will they accept or reject him ? Only God knows. That's OK.

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