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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo..... what a problem

I mentioned that we Daveys have trouble with photos.

First problem is that we are seldom all in the same place at the same time.

Second problem is that when we are normally there is no camera present and anyway one of us is sleeping.

Third problem - when we are all there, awake and with a camera who's gonna aim the thing and fire...?

The last photo of us all together was at a wedding in North Wales. The chappie was the official photographer, paid and everything, and he had this enormous camera with a massive lens. I thought that if anyone could do it, he could, and even today I persist in this belief.

Except he couldn't, which means nobody can. In some ways it's a very charming photo but all you can see of Gwilym is his hair, Pat's smiling like she's hoping to swallow the camera, lens and all, and Catrin and I look like we're stifling laughs by thinking sad thoughts.

You couldn't stick that on your fridge. Unless you wanted to do a strict diet, I suppose. Maybe we should sell it as such...

Anyway, I had a brianwave. This afternoon we should all be here together, and normally my friend the JW comes to call. I'll ask him to point and shoot everything conceivable in the hope of getting something usable.

What's the betting he doesn't come today...?

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