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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Le Colloque Biblique Francophone

Years ago, before we came to France, people said "You must go to the Pastorale at Dijon."

Yeah, yeah...

Then we came to France and people said, "You must come to the Colloque at Belley."

Yeah, yeah... For various reasons it's never been possible. For one thing the week after Easter is incredibly popular for conference and retreats, for teams coming to help us and for special projects.

Anyway this year, despite the special project of the Mark Experiment, I went along. I thought the Mark Experiment was best acted by students anyway, to be honest !

The Colloque was held at Lyon, which is a long way by train. I looked at Easyjet but just after Easter the seats were expensive, so train it was. Anyway, you see the scenery and you can wander round better.

The Colloque was a great experience. There were about 50 people there, 37 men. Some folks I knew, such as Malcolm (Nantes), Alex (Lyon), Régis, Olivier, André, etc.. (Suisse), David (Grenoble), Yannick (Aix). Others I met for the first time.

Sessions included :

Keep the pattern of sound teaching & fight the good fight (the Timothy letters)
The ministry of encouragement in the church.
Pierre Viret - reformer and apologete.
Apologetics and the local church.
Messages from Amos.

It was a very good time. The centre was beautifully appointed and the meals were really good, too.

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