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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Marc l'Expérience

So at the weekend the students from FAC (that's us), from the GBU (the CU) and from the youth group of the Assemblée de Dieu put on the Mark Experiment.

Some years ago a young guy working with students in Austria discovered a structure in Mark's gospel that enables the gospel to be memorised fairly easily. (Essentially the famous "Mark Sandwiches" with knobs on). The young man, Andrew Page, started teaching the structure of the gospel to student groups and also proposed that the gospel be dramatised by a small group at the end of weeks of study memorising and working on the gospel. The book "The Mark Experiment" was published, then also in French, in Spanish and in German.

I got in touch with Andrew years ago when we were first doing Christianity Explored in Deeside. Then he kindly sent me a copy of his book in English. I moved to France and we kept in touch - again he sent me a copy of his book in French. Then we up met in Bath.

Here we'd talked of the possibility of putting on the Mark Experiment. Then came the Bordeaux Spring and the possibility of a project between the three student groups. And, as one says, voilà !

Well Mathieu came down from (I think) Strasbourg to oversee the production and all went very well. The first evening was in a room not far from the Hôpital Pellegrin, the second production was at the ADD. There were probably three times as many people at the ADD than at the first evening, but were there as many people unfamiliar with the gospel of Mark ? Mark's gospels, Gideon NTs and €1.50 Bibles were available free to anyone who wanted, and all was very very good.

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