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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So many things do my head in

Here's another for the list : onvasortir.com. It's a good idea - a website where you can propose all kinds of outings with the goal of getting people together, enabling people to meet up, etc. Outings like - coffee in a café, a walk in the park, a cinema trip, a meal at your place (some people do), some show or other.

Alan thought - aha ! I should pop on the café philo. Good plan.

However, before you can propose an outing you have to attend one and say beforehand on the website. I have, in fact, attended an event but it was before I was aware of this rule and I did not indicate my intention on the website. In fact I don't think I was even signed up.

So I am desperately hunting for an outing I can attend that is not either not at all me ( karate, salsa, an evening of tarot ) or extremely expensive ( a gourmet evening at a charming little resto ) and that is at a time and in a place I can go.

Does my head in !

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