And so

While I was in London at EMA, Pat was cleaning the flat from top to bottom, and not finding her passport.

She contacted the UK consulate in Bordeaux. It is possible to get emergency travel documents at a cost of 140€, with proof of address, proof of travel (airline tickets) etc. Of course, in addition, we need a replacement passport, too.

We talked about it and decided to change our summer plans. We had planned:

1 Second week of July, visit to Gwilym's future outlaws.
2 Third week of July, Keswick convention
3 Fourth week of July, UFM Family conference
4 Wedding in reading before flying home.

The fact of being away in July meant we would have to cancel Bordeaux Church services for the last three Sundays in July.

Instead we will continue church services through July and take holiday when Gwilym visits in August. Obviously, unless Pat's replacement passport comes in time, we'll have to stay in France, but current thinking is to find an AirBnB somewhere we've never visited, perhaps Pau, and explore. Maybe a trip to Lourdes?

So we emailed everyone and they'll be getting those messages as soon as they read their email in about an hour's time.


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