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Monday, March 23, 2015

Well the internet is back

Bouygues said that the internet software deep in the gubbins somewhere would try and sort itself out every night between 10pm and 6am until April 2nd. If April 2nd dawns and our internet STILL didn't work, then we should call again and a technician would leap into action.

And I leave for England on 31st March, and Catrin is studying for her bac, much of which entails the internet...

Well, on the way to the Chinese group on Saturday I was charged with getting some eggs and other comestibles. This I did with such panache and speed that I called in at the Free shop and:

1) ascertained that Catrin's mobile phone is on Free with 20GB of 4G (lots of internet connectivity)

2) it is really easy to switch people to Free, so I planned to switch Pat on Monday

3) switching to Free for the fixed line and internet is also quite easy.
"It takes between 6 and 15 days."
"Normally 6 or normally 15."
The guy looked me in the eyes. "Normally 6."  (Ha! We'll see!)

On to the Chinese group. We were not numerous but we were of great quality.
I suggested that since Saturday evening is prime work time for restaurants that people should be asked what day and time might suit better for the meeting...

Each morning we turned off and on the modem to see if the line was working again.
I decided that if on Monday the thing still didn't work I would zoom off to Free and switch Pat's mobile phone over and also request moving the internet.

So Monday morning our workman came to sort out the damp damage in the spare room, then off to Free I went, returning with Pat's new phone card and having signed up for internet.

Then I tweeted about my move.

All of a sudden Bouygues people leapt to reply. "What's the problem? Can we help?"

A couple of hours later the internet is working.

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