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Monday, March 02, 2015

The Sunday after the week before

Last week was bumper busting full week, with LOTS of visiting Dutch folk and a few others too.

This week was quiet week, with many students gone on the GBU skiing weekend and others taking advantage of the school holidays to get away from Bordeaux and the rains of March.

Déviations, retards and perturbations

Speaking of which yesterday was carnival day and the rain was emptying down. Our bus was diverted so we had to get off two stops before we intended, and the tram was not running, so we had to hoof it through the pouring rain. As we approached the cathedral we could hear the samba drums and soon we saw the carnival floats. First minions, then pirates, then a massive DJ nightclub wagon surrounded by sodden revellers, happily dancing half-naked or in disco-spangled-lycra.

By this time I had got separated from the girls, so I sambaed through the crowd and then told them that once they'd passed the disco-float the roads were clear.

I don't think anyone was prevented from getting to Dan by the transport problems, thankfully, and by the evening all was back to normal.

Well, apart from Pooh floating by on his hunny jar, that is.

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