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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Off to La Grand'Combe

Hurrah! It's Synode time!

So later today we will drive 6 hours to La Grand'Combe, not far from Alès, which isn't far from Nîmes, which is just up the road from Montpellier, in the deepest darkest Cévennes, for the National and General Synod of the Nation Union of the Protestant Reformed Evangelical Churches of France.

I'm travelling down with Harriette in the Smitmobile but coming back on Sunday by train. It will mean 7 hours by train. I think. Between then the synod will accomplish marvels. The regions of France are to be abolished. The South-West region will be no more. Neither will Languedoc-Cévennes nor Provence-Ile-de-France.

The new denominational structure will be lighter, leaner, slimmer, swifter, more adaptable, quick-thinking and decisive.

As a humble pasteur-associé I don't have a vote, but I usually end up counting the votes so ... let's just say that there are ways and means.

I will try to add photos and perhaps the odd reflection from Synod.

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