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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Synode of La Grand'Combe

OK. Here are some highlights.

1) Meeting the Men of Meaux - representatives of a church that dates back to the time of Briçonnet, Farel, and the others of the Circle of Meaux. I ate lunch yesterday with the heirs of the reforming Bishop of Meaux. How awesome is that.

The church is currently not attached to any union of churches and so they are seriously considering becoming members of UNEPREF.

2) Meeting Nely Vos, the missionary attached to the Friedland Church in Marseille. I had heard so much about her but it was good to meet her.

3) Meeting my host couple, who lived in Bordeaux years ago, when Yves was pastor of the Eglise Libre.

4) Meeting Arnold, an alarmingly young theologian, Calvin specialist, now working on the Trinity in the OT, who was great fun.

5) Being back in the Cévennes, where the valleys, villages and coal tips remind me of the Rhondda.

6) Seeing some very dramatic restructuring of the church committees and regions achieved peacefully and with rigour.

7) Hearing Yannick Imbert speaking on Apologetics and inter-religious dialogue.

8) Not having to count the votes this time!

9) Good journeys there and back, on the way in Harriette's comfortable car, on the way back in a comfortable train.

Here's some photos.

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