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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Gwilym's future

There is some discussion. At present he's doing a church apprenticeship at Freshbrook in Swindon.

For next year he is thinking of doing a course in Theology and Music at LST - the London School of Theology, erstwhile London Bible College.

Discussion centres around:

1) the suitability of the faculty - it's the only course in music and theology he's found

2) the fees - at £14000 per year including full-board accommodation they are not excessive by British standards. However they still amount to well over half our annual salary. He'll end up with a very large student loan. Some help may be available from trust funds and he can invite help via stewardship services.

Could he achieve the same results by doing a non-residential course in theology combined with another training position and music studies at LST by distance learning?

3) the goal. Gwilym wants to reach young people with the gospel. He doesn't have any sense of call to pastoral ministry.

Well there we are. We're thrilled that he wants to serve the Saviour, though the route there seems winding.

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