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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The longest day

Well, it won't be too long, but this morning I'm in the Maison de la Bible from 10 till 2, then I have a little wait in town till 5:30 when there is a council meeting in Cenon, probably till about 7:30.

I haven't attended a council meeting for some months, but since I am away in April for that council AND for the AGM I will be there this evening.

On the bus and tram I chatted with a friendly guy who started the conversation by lamenting the need to travel by bus and tram - "it's restrictive". I told him how liberating I find it and we talked about the various ways of doing the things you can't do by bus - buying furniture, going to the dump, etc.

I told him about Citiz/Autocool and Drivy, and he told me about BlueCub, then we reminisced about bizarre French cars of the past. I told him about my Ami 8, and he told me about the Méhari he once had (I was green with envy) and his DS21 (I'd love to try driving one of those one day) and the Fiat 500 (that one he could keep).

Then, all of a sudden we were at his stop and he got off. Still, it was an agreeable start to the day. I hope we meet again.

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