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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Some people just don't get the idea of Facebook.

It's easy. Birthdays ! And keeping in touch with people who move house without telling, and so on.

Twitter had me baffled, though. Why send an SMS to everyone in the world ?

Then last night I realised. It's an exercise in style. Consider the following examples :

 D. A. Carson 

Christians must firmly insist that there can be no genuine faith apart from knowledge of what is true (and of Him who is true).


The awesome apocalypse of God’s judgment can only be faced with a clear knowledge of God’s goodness to us in Christ. -@

 Chris Donato 
 by Tabletalk_Mag
We ought not separate duty from delight. They're in a reciprocal relationship.


The Christian life means to live all of your life in the presence of God. -R.C. Sproul

 Desiring God 

DA Carson: The coming of God's reign either demands repentance or brings judgment.

You have 140 words with which to make yourself as clear as clear can be. Wonderful to try to be brief and clear. Some of the above I think are exemplary. One or two are far from clear !

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