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Saturday, January 29, 2011

At the Maison de la Bible

One of the things I try to do is to meet up with guys to read together. It helps us both tackle books we might not get through otherwise and it gives opportunity for good discussion. Iron and iron and so on. Christian books are NIGHTMARISHLY expensive in France, too, and since we have a little fund called "work expenses" I think using some to buy good books for students is a capital use of that.

Sometimes the students don't quite get the idea and they give me the book back afterwards ! So I have a copy of La Foi Chretienne en Libre Accès to give away, and something else, too, that I've forgotten the title of...

Anyway, one guy and I were after a book to read together and I wanted a book on preaching for someone else - either Olyott Prêcher comme Jésus or Chappell Prêcher, l'art et la manière. Oh yes, and Don Carson's Call for Spiritual Reformation in French for a colleague. Oh yes, and a little stock of 1€50 Bibles for giving away on campus. So off we trundled to see our good friends in the Christian bookshop.

1) Neither book on preaching in stock. Oh well. I tried.

2) We ended up getting past an initial reluctance and buying Servir à nos Français by David Brown, and we started reading it. We were very pleasantly surprised and I think it'll turn out to be a useful book.

3) There's encouragingly cheap editions of the new revision of the Segond - the Segond21 - available. Like 5 euros and 4 euros, for something noticeably more durable than the utterly wonderful Bible for the price of a coffee (1€50)

We went into Café Cheverus to read. The coffee there is 1€ (for an espresso). Lots of cafés are doing cheap coffee now as the café-going classes of Bordeaux feel the pinch and decide to buy a can of cheap cola from Auchan instead for 7c !

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