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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Feeling bad about the meeting with the JWs

I was a bit too direct, I think. You can win a discussion but that doesn't mean you'll ever win the soul.

Next time I must be much nicer and gentler.


Paul (probably - maybe Liz) said...


They are avoiding us at the moment, but our position used to be to try and occupy them for as long as possible, and relieve them of as much literature as possible, on the basis that it was less time/literature they'd have to work on other people.

I suspect that, although we have to try and explain what we believe, times when they visit are almost certainly, humanly speaking, not going to be a good opportunity for evangelism. Think of it the other way round. Supposing you were doing door to door with your church, upheld by the prayers of others in the congregation. What would be the likelihood of your beliefs being seriously challenged by anybody you met? Or, for that matter, any church members, no matter how immature, who were doing it on behalf of the church?

I suspect that if we intend to witness to JWs, we need to build relationships with them ....

Alan Davey : said...

I am sure that you're probably right, which is why I am glad of my relationship building with Gérard. He's been coming for many months. And it is much less likely here in France that he's met other Christians willing to talk with him.

I was just too direct today, in the context of the relationship-building. :-)

Martin said...

I think sometimes you have to be direct. Don't worry, we have a God who works through us.