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Monday, March 29, 2021

Movers or burglars ?

 There is now a Facebook group for people who live in our apartment complex - the Neighbours of the Gardens of the Ars - and it's a great way of keeping abreast of the various changes and so on.

The other day someone posted that they had found a smear of tobacco on the doorhandles of their front door, so they had looked on all the corridors to see if this was chance or design. Sore enough, a few other doors also had smears of tobacco. Maybe a signal left by burglars casing the joint?

About a day later they came home to find that someone had attempted to drill through the lock but had been interrupted so had not gained entry to the flat.

This morning at about 8:30 am there was some noise in the corridor outside. There are just three doors on our corridor. I popped my head out to look. The corridor was full of furniture and two young guys were busily getting it all to the lift.

"Ah, it's a house move?" (We almost never see the guy who lives in that flat)

"Yes, sorry about the noise"

"No, it's not a problem. It's just that some flats in other buildings here have been burgled."

"Well if that's the case we're taking everything!"

I later popped down to check the door of the apartment and found them hoovering the place. 

I think it really was removal men.

It's quite hard to get to know people in these flats. We now know:

Bilel, Marie and their three boys.

Pablo and Gwenaëlle and their little one.

Alphonse the Samoyed and his owner.

The family who live above us, though we don't know their names.

The two students who share the other flat on our corridor.

Two guys who share the same name and with whom I promised to share a beer, but then covid came.

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