Chez le médecin

 So I thought I'd better go and see my doctor. She works just beyond the end of our line C tram but Google Maps helpfully suggested I switch to line 15 bus. This means standing at the bus stop wondering if the bus will come. It did.

She came into the waiting room. 

What time's your appointment? 


What about you? 

9:15. So it was me first.

Any news on your colonoscopy? 

Yup, I've had it and it was clear. Here's the report.

That's very good. Shall we do a blood test? 

Had one. here it is.

(Reading it) that's all great. Did you have a covid test? 

Yes, it was negative.

Let's do your bp. 

Well yes, I came for that because at the hospital it was high. She gave me a look. 

12/7. That's fine. You're eligible for vaccination, aren't you? 

Well that's for you to decide.

So the upshot is that she's very pleased with me and I'm getting the jab on 23rd March.


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