At the laboratory

 "M. Il faut un rendez-vous. Une prochaine fois on vous refuse." (Sir, you need an appointment. Next time we'll send you away."

There was a queue outside the laboratory, everyone wanting to get tested for covid. Some had symptoms "for two days". I had an appointment and a prescription from the doctor.

That meant that once I had filled in my form they called me in first. 

"Lower the mask and lean your head against the seat." 

I exposed my nostrils, leant back and thought of the lavender fields of Provence.

"There we are, all done. It's pre-operation? OK I'll mark it urgent"

From arriving at the end of the queue to leaving with my nose well and truly poked it took 12 minutes.

I walked home glad that little game was over and looking forward to a slap-up lunch of chicken and mashed potato with home-made yogurt and honey to follow.


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