It's been an adventure!

 Someone congratulated me on knowing what I did thirty years ago when I left British Telecom and my job as a database administrator. I generally have an extremely bad memory and often think it's quite a blessing really! But I remember that weekend very well because I was leaving British Telecom to become an Assistant Pastor in North Wales.

The weather was atrocious on March 4th 1991 as I steered my little blue Fiat Uno up the borderlands road from Cardiff up to North Wales and the village of Hawarden (one says "harden"). The arrangement was to be that I would stay three years as Assistant Pastor, then leave and go elsewhere. Instead the Pastor, Peter Milsom, left after two years to go down to South Wales and continue ministry there, and I ended up staying in the church until 2005 before coming to Bordeaux.

So much has happened in those thirty years that it's really hard to know even how to sum them up, except to say that it has all been a great adventure and I'm so thankful for it all.


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