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Saturday, December 08, 2012


The other day I left the house to hop into town for an AGM, the AGM of the student outreach. While on the bus I checked my messages and found it had been postponed by an hour.

What to do ? I know ! The Desigual shop !

Near the 1970s Meriadeck Shopping Mall there's a new Desigual shop - I don't know if Desigual are popular in the UK, but in this area there's a few "local" designer brands that people like : "64", Adishatz and Desigual. "64" is, I think, a Basque label. Adishatz is Gascon and Desigual is Catalan, centred on Barcelona.

And you can tell !

Their clothes remind me of Kaffe Fassett's knitwear, but after a very strong coffee. Ladies's coats that are a RIOT of colour, pattern and typography. Men's tweed jackets made from every tweed you can imagine. Their bags are like a herbaceous border in full bloom. Gorgeous !

I can't imagine anyone ever wearing them - well perhaps the mens' shirts, which are really nice. I suppose some of the dresses and coats would be good for weddings. Most of it would be like wearing a Salvador Dali painting !

But in the grey of winter, when the eyes crave colour, it's great !

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