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Friday, October 14, 2011

The weekend ahead

As Pastors go, I'm a bit unconventional so it may have been a surprise to the funeral director that when he phoned I was on a bus. However, that's how I learnt that one of our "mamies" passed away yesterday. She had been ill lately and was perhaps about to give up her home and depend on family, but there was no hint of final illness or anything.

 I had been thinking about French mamies, they are an impressive lot. Wonderful, strong women of conviction, ready to encourage the young, deeply thankful and with a very natural piety. Since the lady we just lost was born in 1920, it doesn't take a genius to link the catastrophes and triumphs of the 20th century and these ladies that all that experience has produced.

This lady was always at church, zooming in with her zimmer frame from the taxi she shared with her friend who's even older than she. That's how to do it !

 Dik was halfway to Holland when the funeral director called, so I'll be privileged to take her funeral tomorrow at 15:30. Then back to preach for the Chinese. Then preaching in French a.m. and in English p.m. Today is preparation day BIG TIME !

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JennaQuentin said...

Bon courage - the bittersweet passing of a saved soul! We'll be looking forward to Sunday morning...