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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Toussaint !

This weekend is quiet here because it is the All Hallows Holiday. I know that sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but it is true. 1 November is All Saints' Day, or All Hallows, and that's why 31 October is sometimes called Hallowe'en. In France 1 November is a National Holiday, and because it falls on Tuesday this year that means lots of folks have gone away for the long weekend.

I did meet up with a student on Saturday, and then was on taxi duty taking the kids here and there.

At church yesterday we were a decent number, nevertheless, with some new students, too. The English Service was quieter because some of our regulars were away. Then today we did a big shopping expedition to BricoDepot to buy plasterboard and glass fibre to finish dry-lining the remaining walls in the church. We were a numerous gang and brought some chaos to the bank holiday weekend crowds at Brico-Depot.

Meanwhile the kids went off with Harriette, our Dutch youth worker, to buy materials to decorate and set-up a youth area in the warehouse behind the church. Tomorrow they plan to get it all set up there.

Meanwhile at some stage we'd like to do a family holiday outing to the cinema to see the Johnny English film in English, but time is running out...

11 November is also a National Holiday. Usually a band from the music school play the Marseillaise for the ceremony of remembrance. I assume it's going on this year.

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