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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More on French suicides

I commented before on the number of suicides in big French firms like France Telecom. There's been another outbreak of suicides, this time by self-immolation, that is by pouring petrol over oneself and setting fire to it.

A high-school maths teacher burnt herself to death in the yard of her school in Béziers.
A 77 year-old lady set fire to herself in Talence, that's the next town to ours.

These are very strong statements to make, public and violent.

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Larry said...

There was an article in the BBC yesterday on the rise of suicides in Greece. In it was the horrible picture of a business man from Thessalonika who set himself on fire outside of a bank in sheer despair. Satan is unbelievably cruel, and life without Christ is so very cold and dark. To my shame I often need to be reminded that grace is not a game nor Jesus a hobby.