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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Agua de beber

At the airport a 330ml bottle of water cost over 2€. That's so expensive, isn't it ! Imagine if every time you wanted a drink it cost 2€ just for the water !

We're amazingly lucky in this house. We have water piped to four different rooms, and it's all good drinking water. When we need to carry water with us we just put some in a bottle - it's all so easy. We pay for the water, but it's nowhere near the price of bottled water.

I knew a couple who used to live in a house like my grandfather's, a house where there was no mains water. Their water was excellent - mountain spring water - but you had to take a bucket and walk to the spring to get it.

Millions of people in the world don't have anywhere to get fresh water, not at any price or any distance.

Today I'm thankful for water. And for all it represents. John 4 comes to mind.

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