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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The weekend ahead

The weekend starts now - with preparation for the Synod of Saint-Girons. I've printed out all the papers and I ought to read them, though I could also read them in the car on the way down.

Today we also have the Pessac guys group and the Great English Class this evening.

Tomorrow morning will find me joining the others at Cadaujac to scuttle off to Saint-Girons, a small town in the depths of the Ariège, not far from Andorra and Spain. The church there is pastored by Jean-Philippe Bru and it will be great to see the place. This is what wikipedia says about it. The synod is what we call our Regional Council, and it will last till Saturday afternoon, whereupon we scuttle off home again.

Synod plus points - seeing the folks, discussing the life of the churches, seeing Saint-Girons
Synod minus points - Wot, no Queen ?

Sunday evening we have the English Service. Last Sunday there were some new faces and we had three lads under two years of age.

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