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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I might write a letter, and I might enjoy it

The children have tomorrow off school for armistice day.

This is good news, and especially for Gwilym as he's had a bad week so far.

On the way to school on Monday his bus broke down so they had to wait and get on the next. Only 10 minutes later but add that to the chaos that ensues in Bordeaux whenever it rains (and it rains a lot) and the poor lad was actually almost an hour late.

Then today he was threatened with detention along with five other lads because on one of her circuits of the class the English teacher noticed that some boy had made a nasty smell. As the culprit refused to confess his act 6 boys were threatened with detention.

I told Gwilym that if she does give them detention then I shall write a letter in the most complicated English I can think of asking her to spell out the reason for this punishment and against exactly which stipulation of the school code a boy transgressed...

Then today we had to go and get his bus card replaced - it had stopped working and he had been "caught" by a controller. That meant two visits, the first to the tram and bus shop to get the card replaced and the second to the tram and bus fines centre to get the fine annulled because he has a season ticket.  Needless to say, these two are not in the same part of the city at all.

Family life, eh ?


pippinsmum said...

It gets ever so boring when they leave home, the phone hardly ever rings

Ken said...

Okay then, what was the sequel to this little episode? Did you get the opportunity to raise a stink? Oooh! er... sorry!