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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A heartening volume

I was early at the collège yesterday lunchtime so I popped into a nearby bookshop to browse and saw a heartening volume written by several French geographers and environmental scientists entitled "The sky will not fall on our heads." (Le ciel ne nous tombera pas sur la tête). Francophiles will recognise the allusion to Asterix and the Gaulish belief that one day the sky would fall on their heads. We, of course, have broadened our range of cataclysms - we believe that one day a massive meteor will fall on our heads, that there'll be another ice age, that we'll burn up, that the sea level will rise, that there'll be global warfare because of drought, that... well, you know.

These plucky French geographers say no to all that.

I didn't buy the book but I did leave the shop thinking that I ought to start reading more broadly again.

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