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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I'm so excited - not

Well I've ordered my new glasses. I'm allowed, I think, a new pair once a year if my prescription changes. It has changed, so I've ordered them. This will be my third pair.

My first were little, rectangular, wire-framed things. Not very prominent, but they did have an unfortunate tendency to cut grooves into the sides of my head.

My second are the ones I am wearing. They are rectangular but larger and with a more prominent grey plastic frame. Essentially they make me look like Joe 90. But at least they don't do the groove thing.

The ones I have ordered are round but with arms that poke out a bit. Essentially nordic theologian glasses. Like Bonhoeffer used to wear.

The firm I order my glasses from has this natty website where you can superimpose the glasses onto your face using the webcam in your computer. It all sounds very good, but it didn't predict the grooves in my head and I didn't spot the Joe 90 resemblance.

Oh well. Vanity is a bad thing, anyway, and it is more important to be able to read and stuff.

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