I turned down marrying someone again

The last time it was a dear friend who needed someone to conduct a wedding in Slovenia.

In Slovenia!

I put him in contact with people who could find them a pastor in Slovenia, but nobody was available. But I can't go swanning off to Slovenia to conduct a wedding! I advised them to distribute different parts of the ceremony to different family members and guests. You don't need a pastor to marry you. It isn't a sacrement or a church ordnance. You don't need diddly squat. It's fine.

This time it was about an hour from here, a couple we don't know who I believe live overseas are coming back to France to marry because she's French. It'll be a great opportunity for someone to minister into an important moment in a couple's life, but it isn't a service that we can provide. I gave them some contacts that may be able to help.


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