Today is the hottest day, apparently

We needed some provisions, so Patricia and I ventured out quite early on the 42 bus towards Mérignac. I knew one stop to get off to go to the huge Carrefour at Mérignac Soleil, but I saw, too, that you could alight at the stop before and take a shorter route, so we tried it.

A little gated road with a footpath and cycle path led past a staff carpark for Carrefour - promising - and past a yard full of Carrefour rental vehicles. To the right was the after-sales service area. A gentleman with a small girl was walking in front of us. I noticed that his legs were strangely shaped - a cyclist, I think. We followed him. He entered through a doorway.

When we approached the doorway we saw that it said "Private, No entry, Security". A lady stood just to one side, smoking.

"Hallo," I said, "how does one access the shopping centre?"

"Through there", she said, "then across and through a door on the left".

Thus encouraged we entered the private, no entry, security door and followed the chap once more through the indicated door (marked "Staff only, strictly no admittance") and found ourselves right outside the entrance to Carrefour.

We found the supplies we needed - lentils, brown rice, sesame oil, live yogurt and other delicious goodies - then lingered as long as we dared by the chillers before taking the short walk and bus journey home.

The rest of the day was spent behind the radiation shields (shutters) preparing for tomorrow and in cool musical pursuits.

The weathermen say that it will be cooler from tomorrow.


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