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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Oh, we do have our little excitements, you know

So I got our property-owners' tax bill through today.

1608€, please, by mid October for the property which we no longer own.

I wondered whether I perhaps still owed for last year, but no, it clearly said it was for this year.

I wondered if there was some kind of mistake in my mind, but no, the notaire had clearly said that we would no longer have to pay after December 2015.

I wondered if perhaps I had not notified them, but I have. I wrote the day we sold the house, enclosing the notaires' attestation of sale. AND they contacted me in August asking if we still owned the house, and I replied, enclosing my letter of 22 December and the notaires' attestation of sale, again.

I phoned them up. After some minutes on hold I got through to a helpful lady who made encouragingly shocked noises to her colleague.

"Oh la la. Mais quoi? Et aloes... Zut!" and other words I shall not repeat.

"Allô? Monsieur? Yes, because the change of ownership was only noted in the system at the beginning of August the bill was still sent out. You should receive, at best at the end of next week, a letter explaining that you don't need to pay your bill."

"OK. Thanks."

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