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Monday, August 08, 2016

At the doctor's, again.

Well the augmentin did not succeed in killing off the bugs which had colonised my neck.

By the way, would you like to see some photos that Pat took of the carbuncle?
She took them so I could see its progress as the antibiotics did their work.

Also I have succeeded in finding out why I couldn't find a word for carbuncle in French. There is a word. It is l'anthrax. Yes. Irritating, isn't it. Just as using l'angine for a sore throat is irritating.

So once the course of augmentin was finished, and the carbuncle still infected, I decided to go and see a doctor again. We were in the leafy village of East Horsley, near Leatherhead in Surrey, so I dodged the Mercedes, BMWs and Jaguars to stroll through the village to the surgery. The doctor was very nice, very efficient and very straight.

"I'd say there's a 30% chance you'll need to have that lanced," quoth she.

"Lanced is such a ... violent word." I replied.

"Well, we'll give this floculixiloxiloxicilillin a try. It has a 70% chance of clearing it up. A ten day course. Finish the course."

She also said that augmentin is very rarely prescribed now because the amoxicillin component is implicated in the spread of clostridium difficile.

Anyway, now, five days into my ten day course, my anthrax is greatly improved and I hope to avoid ending up with another hump on my neck, too.

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