Today Catrin signed up for the second year of her course

The inscription process is really well organised.

You start at the bottom of the reception building with someone who checks that you have all the documents you need.

Catrin had not received her official list of marks for her course last year, so she'd downloaded them from the course website. Also we were unsure whether the little grant she received makes her a boursière or not, so we'd said she wasn't.

The woman who checked Catrin's dossier went off to check and came back with her official report from last year AND the news that she is indeed a boursière, and therefore we didn't have to pay any fees for her course. Last year we had about 200€ to pay.

Then you go to part 2, which is the actual inscription desk. Here all your information is loaded into the computer and you get back various certificates to say that you're a student, as well as your wifi password, etc.

After that it's part 3, which is where you get your student card and you walk away fully enrolled.

Catrin's appointment was for 10:15, we arrived a little early and actually left at 10:10, it was all so efficient. Bravo Bordeaux-Montaigne.


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