UFM Scottish Conference

On Thursday at 7pm I left the house taking everything I needed except the adapters for my computer and boarded the number 42 bus to connect with the no 1 for the airport. I was off to Edinburgh! I soon remembered that I had forgotten the adapters and was able to email a colleague from Swindon to bring his. The plane was on time and I was met at Edinburgh by the excellent Iain Cameron, our rep for the North of Great Britain (everything north of Watford but not including Ireland) and taken to his home near Glasgow where I was very comfortably installed.

On Friday morning I was able to meet a dear friend who got their doctorate in Bordeaux and now works in Glasgow. Although my friend is Chinese, they were able to translate for the person in the coffee shop who said to me, twice, GRRRGGRRRRCCCHHHHHRRRHHHHHCCGGGRRRR. I understood nothing. Nothing.

Anyway, then off to Pitlochry for the UFM Scottish Conference. I had the graveyard session, Saturday afternoon after lunch, so I considered waking people up with a few choice jokes, like
"What is the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney?"
"Bing sings and Walt disnae"
but something stopped me. Anyway, it seemed to go OK.

William Brown was the main speaker and expounded passages from the life of Elijah (no, not that one) and Peter, helpfully, carefully, gently and pastorally.

I was accompanied by the amazing David Barnes of Peru - you can have no idea of how many HUNDREDS of pastors he is training for ministry there - and the wonderful Susanna Clark. Susanna is considering where her ministry among African children should take her next.

Flights meant that after the conference I had a free day to explore Glasgow. It happened to be my birthday so I made merry with Waitrose sandwiches (surprised to find a Waitrose in the middle of Glasgow) and a Starbucks filter coffee for which I think I was undercharged, but I knew that if I tried to speak to them about it we would not understand each other so I was stuck. I also bought some Ambrosia apples in Waitrose, and they were very nice indeed. I could also browse a Waterstones. And it didn't rain!

My flight home landed a little ahead of time so I was able to hop on the no 1 and the no 4 to be restored to the bosom of my family. We'll have a birthday tea sometime when we don't have a million and one things to do. Perhaps Friday evening?


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