A troublesome dream

So all night, off and on, I dreamt that somehow - or possibly not - I had been in the drab and dingy apartment of some language teacher and - for reasons I coud not remember - I had despatched the person by means of the forceful application of a flat-iron to the side of the head.

The!s person, now defunct, I had concealed in the boot of my car to await some ingenious means of disposal.

Except that even in my dream I remembered that we do not have a car.

But what eluded me was whether I had actually murdered this person and concealed them in someone else's car.


Even on awaking I wondered if I had actually murdered someone at some time...

Then I remembered reading a news article about the macabre discovery of a woman's body in the back of a van in central Bordeaux.

Phew! It wasn't me!


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