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Friday, February 19, 2016

Crazy calls!

Well that was a crazy day. I'm NEVER staying home to work again!

Some awkward negotiations with a multinational computer manufacturer on behalf of a student whose pc died.

"It's a model that is designed to be used only within the USA."
"I suggest that you don't say that to the student concerned. You see, we buy a computer, we take an aeroplane out of the country and we assume we can take our computer with us and it will still work anywhere..."

I think the man realised how stupid he sounded.

A bank phoned. La Banque Populaire de Camblane. I wonder if it's a scam, but it turns out I have to go there to sign a document for Maison de la Bible.

"So where is Camblane?"
"You have to take the rocade."
"Impossible. We don't have a car."
"Can you get someone to bring you?"
"I'll look at public transport."
"There's no public transport to Camblane"

In the end she arranged for me to trot into the Banque Populaire de Pessac and sign there.

A ring at the doorbell.
It must be a neighbour.
It's not. It's an official-looking lady with an armful of leaflets and forms.
"Ah, je vous ai fait peur!"
Well yes, I wondered who she was and what she wanted.
"I'm from Orange. Did you know that there's fibre-optic internet in the building now?"
"Yes, we've been using it for some months."
"Really? Who with?"
"Listen, I don't want to stand on my doorstep discussing my internet service with someone from Orange."
"But have you seen our engineers?"
"Oh! Nobody has seen them! And your internet is working fine?"
"Yes, it's fine and we're very happy with it."
"Oh well, goodbye."

The doorbell rang. "Un colis pour M Davey."
"D'accord, j'arrive"
For some reason I felt like running down the corridor and through the garden.
The delivery man was messing with his forms.
"Ah! Vous êtes déjà là!"
"Oui, j'habite pas loin."

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