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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On waiting

I was at the bus stop just now waiting for the 23, watching the cars zoom past.

It's a funny thing, waiting for buses, waiting for trains. I hate waiting for aeroplanes because you have to wait so long.

When we lived in North Wales we very seldom took a bus or train and we seldom waited for anything.

When I was a kid I remember when they started to import Spanish strawberries, and you didn't have to wait for the English strawberries to arrive. We didn't like the Spanish strawberries. In those days they were big, hard and tasteless. We preferred to wait for the English ones. They were smaller, riper, sweeter. And every time we rejected the Spanish ones our anticipation grew sweeter, too.

Kids have to wait for Christmas or for their birthday. Farmers wait for the harvest or for the weather to be right to plough, to sow, to plant, to reap.

And we wait for the Lord. In the end perhaps waiting isn't such a bad thing.


Emmanuel said...

They are good these creative writing workshops. Now the next exercise is to write these thoughts in meter and with rhymes please.

Alan Davey said...


I'm glad I didn't put on that piece where I was thinking about when I saw a man with his finger up his nose.