Doing my CV

If I am going to do this Masters I have to send off :
  • Passport photocopy (that's OK)
  • A copy of all my diplomas (well that would be OK if I could find the A4 binder they are in ! I found my school reports though) 
  • CV (I have just spent a ridiculous * amount of time doing my CV)
  • Compte-rendu de ma vie spirituelle (well that'll take some typing, that's all)
  • Certificat médical (to show I am strong enough to study - means a trip to the quack)
  • A letter from someone in the hierarchy of the church (that might cost dearly!)
  • A cheque (oh well, what did I say).

Mrs Davey is very good at finding things. I hope she can find my certificates or I am sunk.

* I first typed ricidulous, which OUGHT to be a word.....


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