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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain !

People from South Wales are acquainted with rain. I remember one time in Cardiff when it fell so fast that the roads were covered to a depth of an inch simply because of the quantity that fell - the drains were all working fine.

That may be why in Welsh it doesn't just rain. You can't say, "it's raining". You have to say "It's throwing rain," because it's always chucking it down. I suppose only Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear, better than us. Maybe Rudolph the Red was Welsh ?

But I have never seen a place so waterlogged as Pessac this morning. Our garden is absolutely sodden. The park is absolutely sodden. The paths are punctuated by pools that you have to get around somehow.  My cap, coat, trousers and shoes are absolutely sodden.

It's not falling fast, but it's falling persistently, with occasional claps of thunder. The forecast was for very cold weather. Just goes to show.

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