Auditorium de Bordeaux

Honestly, it's just incredible. Bordeaux has a fine italianiate opera house. Admittedly it's finer from the outisde than from the inside, but it's OK. It has more cinemas and theatres than you can shake a stick at, but it has no concert hall. Also, for some reason, the cathedral doesn't seem to be used for orchestral concerts.

This has led to the (to me) unbelievable prospect of performing the Saint Matthew Passion in the Palais des Sports - a Sports Hall ! - and the Berlioz Requiem recently in the Patinoire - the Ice Rink ! It was 50 quid for the cheapest seat to hear the St Matthew Passion in the sports hall.

I'd rather whistle it !   Acoustics ?

Anyway the town hall has seen the need and a new auditorium is being built. There were hitches in the last minute safety-related jobs, but it is now due to open on 24th January.

There's various concerts planned, and some of the tickets are reasonably priced (like 8€) but the first one we could go to is in March. I will discuss with the family. I doubt everyone will want to go, but some probably will.


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