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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Preparing for the funeral and for the weekend - or not quite

On Wednesday afternoon I discovered that I was needed to conduct a funeral in Blaye on Friday at 2:30.

Ah ! But I am picking up Flavien from the airport at 4.

"I'll pick up Flavien !", said a helpful soul.

OK, but I'll need to reserve a car. I'll confirm tonight.

After getting home through the wet, wet streets I looked on the website.
The little Mairie 206+ is available. Booked. Confirmed. Telephoned. We're away.

The funeral is for a man I have never met who was catholic but married to a protestant lady who for many years was the treasurer of the church in Blaye. She died in 1986 and since then he has moved around a bit.
He came back to Blaye to live with his son, then in a retirement home as his health deteriorated.

The funeral will be my first contact with the family. The son went to Sunday School and so on.
You never know. We'll keep up contact and who knows if one day he'll come to the service in Blaye.
The funeral will be in the funeral home, then burial in the cemetery just down the road.

Oh well...

The afternoon I spent meeting up with different students.

With one I'm reading "The enemy within" by Kris Lundgaard. We read a chapter, talked and prayed together in one of the student cafeterias..

With another it was our first discussion. He's a super lad who's very keen and very clever, and a young Christian. It will be good to help him along.

And LOTS of phone calls.

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