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Friday, January 25, 2013

Puritan Portraits - by J.I.Packer - A Puritan easy-reader !

I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed this book !

In some ways it must have been a publisher's dream - about half of the book is made up of reprints of introductions that Jim Packer wrote for reprints of Puritan classics.

At the same time it must be a publisher's nightmare. After all it's a(nother) book about the Puritans. OK, the die-hards will buy it because of the word 'Puritan' in the title, but who else will ?

Well I hope you will ! No, really ! Here's why :

1) Jim Packer's enthusiasm for these guys is wonderfully enjoyable and infectious. His delight in these men really comes across the page.

2) You'll learn stuff. I first heard about the Puritans shortly after my conversion cough-cough-cough years ago when somebody showed me Perkins' chart of salvation. That's a long time ago and I have kept being reminded of them ever since, but I still learned things from the book.

3) Jim Packer's introductions are pretty famous in themselves, no ? and in these he takes the opportunity to summarise for us the esssentials of Puritan theology, thought and practice.

4) You'll be inspired to be committed, to be brave and to think things through. And you'll have read some cracking stories on the way.

These portraits really are worth reading. And then they'll make you want to read the classics they introduce. And why not !

Find it here.

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